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Campers go back in time

Posted June 08, 2005

Thomasville- A group of Thomasville youngsters are embarking on a trip back in time. They're part of a summer camp designed to teach them about the Rose City's history.

     Thomasville fifth grader Justin O' Neal is going back in time for his summer break. "The history of this place is just phenomenal," he says. He's part of the "Time Travelers Club," a summer camp that takes kids from this year, and sends them back to yesteryear. "Instead of just sitting at the house watching TV all day with no parents or anybody at home," says O' Neal.

     From churning butter to making the biscuits it goes on, history director Ann Harrison says every part of this camp pertains to the time period the kids study. "What we basically try to do is turn kids on to history before they get turned off," says Harrison.

     That's a noble task nowadays, when kids don't realize the hardships of living in days gone by. "It's very important in an age of specialization for us to realize how much our ancestors had to know to get us to the point we are today," says Harrison.

     From shelling corn to cutting shingles, the kids do a little bit of everything. It's that hands on realism that makes this camp so beneficial to them. "People learn in different ways. It just leaves a lasting impression when they can actually handle things and do things themselves," says Harrison.

     It's a hands on experience to strengthen their mind, proven to work by O' Neal's anticipation of next summer. "I'm going to be really excited. As soon as school gets out I'm going to be like, yeaaah, woo hoo, schools out," he laughs.

     And at a cost of only $65.00 per week, you can bet his parents are looking forward to it too. "Time Travelers Club" is relatively inexpensive because it's partly paid for through a grant from the Thomasville Antique Show Foundation. If you're a member of the Rose City's historical society, it costs even less.


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