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Road block turns into drug bust

June 8, 2005

Brooks County - When a Buick Lasabre breezed through the road block on Highway 76 Wednesday morning, state troopers knew the driver had something to hide. "We noticed it didn't have a valid tag on the car," said Trooper Anthony Heath.

No valid tag and illegal window tinting. When troopers pulled the car over, they found that 35-year-old Christopher Spires was driving on a suspended license, and hiding something dangerous inside. "The lantern fuel, there's a lot of batteries because they use the lithium, a small can of butane," said Heath.

They're all components of a working methamphetamine lab. Troopers also found cooked methamphetamines on Spires, and caught eating a bag of marijuana. "After we got him handcuffed he tried to fight the two officers that were with him and he was subdued and put into the back of the police car," said Heath.

Spires wasn't manufacturing the meth inside the car but investigators think he had a large operation going on elsewhere. "He had the chemical contaminant suit, he had night vision because when they cook these meth labs, they do it at night and they use surveillance to see if anybody's coming up when they're doing it," said Heath.

Troopers say this bust is a great example of why its important to enforce Georgia's new window tinting law. "It just goes to show you that a contact with the public because of window tint leads to other things," said Heath.

Spires is in the Brooks County Jail charged with driving on a suspended license, obstruction of an officer, and numerous drug charges.


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