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Food Bank gives away food and hope

June 7, 2005

Albany-- An estimated 36-million Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. South Georgia food banks spent the day making sure families had a sure meal.

June 7th was National Hunger Awareness Day. In Georgia, some of the poorest counties are here in our area. Volunteers are hoping to end hunger right here at home.

Volunteers are stepping out to stamp out hunger in South Georgia. "It gets very hard where we're at. It gets very hard," says resident Debra Gilbert.

Volunteer steps are helping to bring awareness of a growing problem all over the world. "Once you've been there, well you'll understand," says Willie Williams. He understands the problem all too well.

"I done been through sickness. I done been through heartache. I done been there," says Williams. He says many people right here in South Georgia can relate to his struggles with the day to day costs of living. Times get hard on a limited budget. "Oh yeah, yes it does. It's very limited," says Williams.

The Southwest Georgia Food Bank is helping to ease some of those burdens. Throughout the day, they gave out 15,000 pounds of food. "It's a good portion of food, probably for about a week, week and a half it'll carry them," says Dwayne Myles of the Food Bank. Even so, it's still not enough to feed the hundreds that go without meals.

"Well not the majority of people that's hungry in our counties. We have some of the poorest counties in the state of Georgia," says Myles. Many of those people are single parents, the disabled and the elderly.

"The worst thing to see is an elderly person having to decide whether to take medicine or to buy food," says Myles. "Yup, you have to choose between the medicine and eating or either choose between the medicine or being out on the street," says Williams.

But Willie and hundreds of others are making the choice to line up for help. "We need all the help that we can get," says Williams.

It's help that starts with just a bag filled with food and hope.

Volunteers walked about 2 miles Tuesday. All money raised will go towards combating hunger in the area.

To play your part in combating hunger, visit or call 229-883-5959.


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