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Retired mailman reflects in new book

June 6, 2005

Albany-- A South Georgia native put his tales as a postman onto paper.

France Bozeman was a mailman in Albany for 33 years. He started in the 1940's when postal workers were paid about 75 cents an hour and a first-class stamp cost 3 cents.

In his book called "Snail Mail versus Email", Bozeman shares decades of his adventures as a mailman and reflects on the differences between those days and today's technologies.

"You can hang up a box on your door that costs a couple of dollars and you can start getting mail but if you want to send email, you have to spend hundreds of dollars, maybe a thousand to get a computer," says Bozeman.

Bozeman prefers the old days. You can pick his book at local bookstores. He has another book coming out in a few weeks called "Laugh it Off."



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