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Double threat

June 6, 2005

Leesburg-- Lee County baseball coach Rob Williams says scouts ask him all the time where they should play Trojans pitcher slash shortstop Buster Posey if they draft him. Coach Williams replies that's your problem. It is a nice problem to have after Buster Posey this season has displayed a bat as a powerful as one of his 93 mile an hour fastballs.

"The majority of the teams see me as a pitcher. They see I have the most potential as a pitcher but again if I get some more at bats or what not maybe I can prove myself a little more," Posey said.

And Buster Posey could get those at bats at the collegiate level. "If the draft doesn't work out this year, I plan to go to Florida State and getting to play every day there. If I didn't prove myself well enough know, hopefully I will be able to prove myself a little bit." < /STRONG>

While Buster would prefer to be an everyday player, he will play wherever asked if it means the chance to play in the major leagues. "The big leagues is the big leagues to me. If I get there as a pitcher or a position player it doesn't really matter as long as I get there."

The baseball draft though is not a major concern for Buster Posey right now. His main focus is to help Lee County win the first state baseball championship in school history. Posey "Our main concern right now is winning two more games and bringing a state title home," Posey added.

Posey and the Lee County Trojans will open up the Quad-A state title series with a doubleheader against Henry County Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock in Leesburg. The if needed game is scheduled for Wednesday at 4 p.m.


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