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Donations of school supplies needed

Posted June 06, 2005

Thomasville- School may be out for the summer, but it's never too early to look towards next year. That's the thinking behind a school supply drive sponsored by a Thomasville businessman. "Beef O-Brady's" owner, Craig Wood, has partnered with Thomas County Schools to help equip underprivileged students.

     Zak Steele is out of school on summer break, but he's already preparing for the sixth grade next year. "We have a list of what to get," he says. Like many students, he's learned the importance of having adequate school supplies. "You're going to need all that stuff to do all your work, and succeed in school," says Steele.

     But Zak's one of the lucky students, his parents can afford supplies. Some of his classmates' parents can't. "Some kids will come to school with bent up pencils, markers that don't work anymore, broken crayons," says Steele. That's why "Beef O Brady's" restaurant owner Craig Wood has partnered with Thomas County Schools. He's collecting donated school supplies to give to underprivileged students. "What we're trying to do is give back to the community. We'll give them to the schools, they'll give them out to the kids that need them. When they come to school, they'll have a brighter attitude towards it and do better," says Wood.

     Unfortunately, so far Wood's effort has been: "Slow. The donations are very slow, a notebook and a couple of pens and pencils here," he says. To help counter that lack of support, Wood is offering an incentive to participants. "We'll give you a coupon for some game tokens so your kids can have fun when they're here," says Wood.

     So, to help your kids have a little extra fun, Wood is asking you to donate to underprivileged kids. "Pencils, books, notepads, book bags, book bags that your kids had last year and are barely used," says Wood. That's a long list of supplies that Steele says won't sell his fellow students short on their education. "Don't lose them, because you're going to need them," says Steele. And Wood says you've got all summer to donate them.

     Wood emphasizes that you can donate new supplies, or those that have been slightly used. There is no age limit for the types of supplies that can be given.


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