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Albany Bike Days rolls around again

May 4, 2005

Albany--  On your mark. Get set. Go! Bikers are making their way to the finish line at the fifth annual Albany Bike Days.

"They want to get out there and race but here it's not a problem for us. We'll let them get out there and race side by side if they want to race," says U.S. 19 Dragway track owner John Baldwin. The bikers are coming from all over.

"All over the Southeast yeah, there's guys here from probably six, seven, eight different states. They come in and camp out," says Baldwin. They're showing off their skills on the dragway. For many, the pastime is for the brave at heart. "Oh yeah, oh yeah," says biker Tim Farmer.

There's a little bit of competition but there's also unity amongst bikers. "When we come together, we come together as one unit and we ride our motorcycles and we go to these rallies," says Farmer.

But in this activity of fast wheels and revving engines, Tim Farmer and his group has a second agenda. "Best of both worlds, get to ride motorcycles and do it for Jesus too," says Farmer.

Back in the early 1970's, a father and son started the Christian Motorcyclists Association. They wanted to spend time riding together but also provide a service to others. "People want to be prayed for, people want some icewater, that's what we're here for," says Farmer.

Ministering to motorcyclists, something the group feels is a good addition to Bike Days. "Well, it's good. It's good because we can be here and talk to people when they want to talk and if they don't we just show them who we are.  That's Christians," says Farmer.

But although these Christian bikers stand out from the rest, they do have that competitive edge.

"Oh yeah, we're just like anybody else that's riding their motorcycles, we want to win!," says Farmer. They're winning with a combination of religion and riding.

Locally, the Christian Motorcyclists Association started with about 4 or 5 members but now has about 40. Albany Bike Days is held every summer during the first weekend of June.



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