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Large quantity of pot off the streets

Posted June 02, 2005

Thomasville-  A large quantity of marijuana won't be sold on the streets of Thomas County as drug dealers planned.

Drug agents seized more than 10 pounds of pot late Wednesday night. They say Richard Silas, Junior was delivering it to the Thomasville area from Brooks County. He was arrested behind a daycare in Boston.

Drug unit supervisor Kevin Lee says this is a significant bust for Thomas County.  "Dealer to dealer, ten pounds will go about ten-thousand dollars. But when the second dealer bought it, he wants to at least double, if not triple his money. So, you're talking 30 to 35-thousand dollars," he says.

Agents also found a small quantity of crack and powdered cocaine on Silas. They say he is being held at Southwestern State Hospital on suicide watch. He may be charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.



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