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Mathis trial on deck, again

June 1, 2005

by Brian Russell

Henry Mathis's extortion trial is scheduled to start next week.

Today, we learned about some evidence prosecutors plan to show jurors -- and some information they want kept secret.

Mathis was initially charged with bilking an Albany businessman out of money -- threatening his business's alcohol license.

Then, two more business people came forward to say they too were targeted by the city commissioner.

Prosecutors say they have audio and video recordings of Mathis meeting with the first businessman.

They filed a motion asking the judge to prevent the defense from asking how those recordings were made.

 Prosecutors also claim to have a pair of cancelled checks Dora Wilson gave Mathis.

Wilson had a garbage collection contract with the city, but now she's in prison on drug charges.

Both sides they are ready to go to trial next week.

If the trial is delayed again, however, Mathis' attorney said they will again seek to have him reinstated to the city commission.

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