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Fuller's change name, dedicate HQ for new organization

May 28, 2005

Americus- Millard and Linda Fuller announced a new name for their newest home building venture. The name change from Building Habitat to the Fuller Center for Housing was made after Habitat for Humanity filed a lawsuit over the word Habitat in the title. They say, they hope the change allows them to put the past behind them and look forward to the future.

Hundreds gathered to cut the ribbon on the headquarters for a new organization to help house the less fortunate.

"We want to Welcome the Old Vision, the new address to Americus Georgia," said the pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Americus.

The new Fuller Center for Housing was donated to the organization.

"Oh, that's an incredible boost, as you can image for some one to come along and give you a headquarters. So, it's impossible to express adequate gratitude to John Wieland," said Millard Fuller, founder of the Fuller Center for Housing.

"I just want to say, Linda, where's Linda, yeah I'll pay for the renovations," said John Wieland, who also donated the building.

The dedication is just the beginning, the organization has already raised two million dollars and has been able to give grants to the Columbus Habitat for Humanity and to the New Horizons Habitat for Humanity for work in Georgia. Donation continue to roll in.

"People today have been coming up and handing checks to me, hundreds of dollars have been given right here at the dedication," said Fuller. With the dedication behind them, Millard says the real work begins.

"We believe in the guidance of the holy spirit and so we have our spiritual antenna out to find out what God has for us," said Fuller.

He says, there's much to be done and he's looking forward to working side by side with Habitat for Humanity to continue his mission.

"We are not anybody's enemy. We are not competition, we are not a threat to anyone. There is plenty of work to be done," said Fuller.

That work will be to what tell more people about the Fuller Center, educate people on the need for adequate housing and to work together to accomplish the goal.

The Fuller's say, they hope with the name change Habitat will consider dropping the lawsuit filed against them and that both organization can move forward to continue helping to build homes for those that are in desperate need of good housing.

The new Fuller Center for Housing headquarters is located at 701 South Martin Luther King Boulevard in Americus.

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