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Law enforcement bringing the heat to drivers

Albany-- Drivers beware. This summer, everywhere you turn, there will be law enforcement officials.

"We have Mitchell County Sheriff's Department, Dougherty County, Albany Police Department," says Sgt. Tony Moore of APD. They're all making sure that motorists are safe on the roads.

"We're out here in an effort to kick off our 100 days of Summer Heat," says Moore. Heat meaning, Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic. It's an agressive way for officers to save lives.

"We find that high enforcement and ticket writing unfortunately is a good way to deter individuals from speeding, riding without seatbelts, having the children inside the vehicles without being restrained," says Moore. It's a combined effort of more than 500 police agencies throughout the state, from the the big cities to even the rural areas.

"Especially on roads such as this, these two lane highways that we have so abundant in Georgia. This is mainly where we lose a lot of people," says Moore. Sgt. Tony Moore says the best way to save the people is to educate them.

"Our intentions are not to just write a ticket. Our intentions are to educate and to make people more aware that seatbelts are the law and they do save lives," says Moore. For some the lesson will be a tough one.

"As it says, click it or ticket," says Moore.

It's a lesson that officers will be teaching for 100 days. Officers are taking these roadblocks very seriously. Within the first fifteen minutes on Tarva Road, five tickets were given and one car pulled over for open container violations. Officials aren't taking any excuses. Roadblocks will be placed throughout the state at different times particularly on holidays. The campaign will go past Labor Day.



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