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Grilling dangers

May 27, 2005

Albany- A lot of people will be going out in the sunshine this holiday weekend, and firing up the grill. But there are some precautions you need to take for a healthy meal.

Before you put dinner on the grill, safety should be a concern. The market manager at Winn Dixie says, meat should be kept on ice or in the refrigerator right up until you put it on the grill. And when you start cooking make sure what you're cooking is done.

"No matter how long you've been cooking or what you're cooking, you should keep a meat thermometer in your pocket or next to the grill at all times. One hundred sixty degrees or 165 degrees just to make sure there's not a problem," said Andrew Long, Market Manager.

Winn Dixie will be offering grilling demonstrations at their Crossroads Marketplace on Sylvester Road and at their market on Old Dawson Road. The demonstrations will run from noon until four both Saturday and Sunday.



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