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Jujitsu effective for fitness, fighting

May 26, 2005

Cordele- Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing do a good job of keeping us fit, but another type of martial arts may be best when it comes to protecting yourself.

It's a tough class when Charlie Nutt takes you down. "Basically I'm teaching the most effective form of martial arts," Nutt said.

Starting with the basics of Jujitsu. "It's the most effective hand to hand combat around," he said.

Nutt is teaching a Jujitsu class at Impact Sports and Fitness in Cordele.

"It uses everything from knees to elbows to clinch. Everything that works."

It will work for anybody. "Anybody willing to come in here, get on the floor and get down with it. Once you understand the art of Jujitsu..."

Then you understand most of the moves take place on the floor. That's where fights end up.

"Whether street fight or competition," he said. Jujitsu is realistic and there's proof it works.

"Jujitsu is actual arts used in actual fighting competitions."

Charlie should know. "I've been competing mixed martial arts and kick boxing for the last two years."

Now he's lifting himself to the professional level, where there will be at least one main difference.

"I get paid," he said laughing. "I'm just ready to take them all on and see where I can go with it."

For now, he's here to take students to a tougher level of self-defense. Charlie Nutt teaches at Impact Sports and Fitness in Cordele.

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