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For the love of fishing

May 26, 2005

Albany-- If you plan to go fishing this Memorial Day weekend, don't forget your fishing license. If you're caught without one, you could be fined.

really no excuse not to get a fishing license. An annual license cost just $9.00. Now, you can buy a lifetime hunting and fishing license, so you'll never have to worry about renewing it again.

It's hard to find an empty spot on the river bank behind the Georgia Power Dam in Albany. "I love to fish. I love it," said Jewel Hall.

Fishermen and women flock to the spot to catch bream, catfish, and crappie... or at least try. "We've been out here since ten and haven't caught anything," Hall laments.

Fishing is free therapy for her. "You may have something on your mind about home, but come go fishing and it relaxes you. Makes you feel better."

Most anglers agree. But don't get caught casting without a fishing license, or you may not feel so relaxed as you pay a fine. The Department of Natural Resources sells annual fishing licenses for $9, but they also offer a lifetime fishing and hunting license.

"This will cover everything in the state of Georgia with the exception of the federal duck stamp," said Randy Davis of the DNR. You can hunt and fish for the rest of your life, without ever renewing the license. For children under 2, it's $200. For a youth 2-15, it's $350. For adults 16 and over, it's $500. And seniors over 65 have to pay just $10.

Ranger Davis says if you're children love to hunt and fish, a lifetime license is a great catch. "But, maybe if you're 45 or 50 years old, you may want to think about it. But for younger hunters and fishermen, it's well worth it."

The lifetime license looks a lot like a driver's license. It's laminated, so it holds up over the years. To get one, just stop by the Regional DNR Office on Newton Road in Albany. For more information on hunting and fishing licenses, visit the DNR website.


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