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Boaters should remember safety tips

May 26, 2005

Albany-- As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, many people in South Georgia are getting there boats ready and heading to the lake for some water fun.

But with water fun, comes water safety, and officers from the Department of Natural Resources got up early Thursday morning, to go to Cleve Cox landing at Lake Chehaw-Lake Worth to share some important boater safety tips.

Ranger Jon Penuel says, "Boats need to be at a distance of 100  feet from other boats for safety."

 It is also important to know boating laws. Children under 10 are required to wear a life jacket. There are also penalties for people that break laws. If you are charged with Boating Under the Influence you risk paying up to one-thousand dollars in fines or jail time.

 Memorial Day Week-end is supposed to be fun, so remember to follow the safety rules that protect you and your family.

Visit  for more safety information.


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