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Front Street drivers, slow down!

May 25, 2005

Albany- Just add water and activity grows in RiverFront Park and so does the traffic.

"Kids don't watch for traffic," said Pat Smith, a parent.

That's the main concern of parents who say motorists are driving too quickly around the circle and along Front Street.

"I often worry about it because the motorists come through here so fast and like when we're crossing the road. I honestly think they need to slow down a little bit," said Cherrie Billingsley, another parent.

"I have to watch him very closely. He's six years old and hyperactive and he does run out in the street if I don't watch him," said Smith about her 6-year-old son Gabriel.

With the play area so close to the roadway the dangers are real. Albany Police are aware of the problem and are searching for a solution.

"I know the speed limit in the area is 30 MPH but if they would please drive slower," asked Lt. Tracy Barnes, Albany Police Department.

During high traffic times, Police have a cruiser or bike officer stationed in the area to keep a watchful eye on the traffic, but are appealing to motorists for more help.

"We want the community to actually take an active part and be careful and be mindful of increased traffic that happens to be in the area during this time of the year," said Lt. Barnes.

They're also looking at having the speed limit lowered, but it's not an easy task.

"No it's not. It has to be taken up through the Department of Transportation, so I know they're looking at that right now," said Lt. Barnes.

Until then, both police and parents are hoping motorists will be more cautious.

"The kids are out here. It's the summer time. There is going to be a lot of activity out here and I think they should take into consideration that it could be their child that's running in the road," said Billingsley.

This weekend they will be taking special precautions for the RiverFront Park Celebration. Police are planning to blocking off Front Street starting Friday evening through the last movie on Sunday night.


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