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Prisoner floods Decatur courthouse

May 25, 2005

Bainbridge- Two floors of the Decatur County courthouse flooded Wednesday when a prisoner purposely broke the emergency sprinkler in his holding cell.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland says the man became unruly while waiting for court. Ceiling tiles, flooring, and carpeting will all have to be replaced. Mulholland says the courthouse's new computer system might need to be as well.

"Tax office, tag office, anything that runs on computers, they're all running through the main terminal in the courthouse. So basically, they've had to cease all operations over there. Obviously this is a very serious matter and we'll deal with it accordingly," says Mulholland.

Structural experts will have to inspect the courthouse to make sure it's safe for employees to go back to work. Mulholland says it's too early to put a figure on the damage. But he describes it as "extensive."


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