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Embezzlement victim gets some money back

May 25, 2005

Albany- It's been almost a year since the lavish living of Anne Williamson, her son Dan Daniell and some of their family members came to an end.

Last June, police seized houses, cars and froze bank accounts when they learned more than $1.3 million was embezzled from Ima Rude.

"The homes we sold, the furniture we sold, anything in the house," said District Attorney Ken Hodges. "I mean that house, if you'll recall, had plasma screen TV's in it and nice furniture. We liquidated all of that."

Wednesday, that money, $100,000, was given to Michael Hall, the court appointed guardian of 84-year-old Rude.

"I wish I could give Mr. Hall a check for $1.3 million," Hodges said. "Unfortunately, Ms. Helen Anne Williamson went through a large amount of that money."

Williamson and her son are both facing criminal trials expected this summer.

"She's still in the Dougherty County jail and she will be prosecuted for this theft."

Other family members entered plea deals and are on probation and paying fines.

Rude is in an Albany nursing home. The money for her care as she moves through the advanced stages of Alzheimer's. Prosecutors expect to collect another small amount of money that they'll return to Rude.

Her guardian wants to make sure the SOWEGA Council on Aging, the group Williamson was working with, isn't blamed.

"I hope it will not reflect on what I think is a very fine organization and it does good work in this community," Hall said.

Because the ones authorities say broke Rude's trust and the law are sitting in jail.

Williamson and her son are expected to go to trial this summer.

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