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New industrial park sparks economic growth

May 24, 2005

Brooks County - An open field is the start of an economic boom for Brooks County. "This is going to open up a whole new ball game for us," said Fred Lamb, Economic Developer.

The county purchased all 250 acres to use as a new industrial park. It's the perfect location to draw new business to this area. "We're 15 miles from Interstate 75, we're about 25 miles from I-10, so from a transportation standpoint, we're in great shape," said Lamb.

Most of Brooks County's industry is located in the old industrial park, just off Highway 84. It's less than half the size of the new park, and there's no room for new industry to move in. "In the past two years, I've had at least five businesses call us and talk with us about moving here but we had no land to offer," said Lamb.

Another perk, part of the new industrial park is located right beside the rail road track. "We have about 80 acres that will be served by the rail, the rail runs almost through the center of it," said Lamb.

The park development won't start for a few more weeks, but county leaders are already recruiting new business. "We've had some individuals that have looked at it and we're working with some industry that thinks its very suitable and are interested in looking further," said Wayne Carroll, County Commission Chairman.

Looking to bring new industry and new jobs to this area, and give the people of Brooks County a new way to make a living.