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ATI contract causes controversy

May 23, 2005

Albany - Dougherty County and Albany Tomorrow are at odds over how much the county will pay ATI to manage the construction of multi-million dollar projects.

For about a decade, Dougherty County has paid ATI $150,000 a year to build sales tax projects such as the new downtown hotel and conference center. That contract runs out this month, and ATI wants to renew it. Some county commissioners want the cost of the contract lowered and suggest allowing organizations such as the Albany Museum of Art to manage its own expansion.

"What we've ask today is the county attorney, county administrator and the ATI folks get together and look at the ways ATI can benefit the county and how the next contract should be put together," said Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

ATI President Tommy Chatmon says he's willing to discuss a different contract, but says ATI has years of experience managing building projects and the county should trust them to finish the downtown master plan.

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