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Officers crack down on illegal dump sites

May 23, 2005

Albany- Authorities say were there's a dirt road, there's likely an illegal dump site. Code enforcement officers and Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful have already linked some of the trash along an East Albany road to one woman and say they're looking for others.

Silica Road looks more like a city dump than an unpaved roadway. It's littered with everything from automotive equipment to furniture.

"It's a health hazard and dogs or children have busted the bags loose and it's strewn everywhere, and it's a mess," says Judy Bowles of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful. "A lot of people use this road because it doesn't lead anywhere, and they come out and won't be seen and dump tires, refrigerators, sofas," she says.

They may not be seen, but they can be tracked. Documents in this pile of household garbage led code enforcement officers straight to it's owner, Emogene Dyson.

"She will be going to court Thursday morning and will go in front of a judge for illegal dumping," says Bowles.

Dyson lives outside of the city limits and isn't required to pay for garbage collection, but her actions will now cost her as well as the rest of Dougherty County taxpayers.

"The down side is public works has to stop a crew, bring them over here and clean it up. It costs every taxpayer in our community to address these issues," Bowles says.

"We're certainly going to let neighbors not only in my ward, but in the city, know that we as elected officials and other organizations will not tolerate this type of activity because really in the long run it hurts tax payers in the city and the county," says city commissioner Jon Howard.

It will be up to the judge to determine Dyson's punishment. Officials say it could be a fine, or what they say would be a better punishment, making Dyson clean up her mess as well as the trash left by others.

Authorities say they are planning to ask Dougherty County board of commissioners to pass an ordinance similar to the one the city of Albany has. It requires all residents to pay for garbage collection. They say that will help cut down on the problem.

Code enforcement officers are asking anyone who witnesses others illegal dumping trash or knows of an illegal dump site to contact authorities.


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