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Tobacco now banned on Darton campus

May 23, 2005

Albany-- Starting Monday, Darton College is tobacco free. That means no smoke, no snuff, and no chew.

A lone cigarette butt lies in an ashtray at Darton College, which, as of today, is tobacco free.

Student Stewart Sinyard says, "I think it's a good policy, I think definitely in the buildings it's good and then around campus."

Student Garrett Hays says, "I like it a lot. If people want to smoke, they can do it in their cars or at home. Just walking to and from class, I don't want to have to smell everybody else's smoke."

And now Garrett Hays won't have to, not in the parking lot, not on the way to class, not even at the student center.

Good news for non-smokers but, Stewart Sinyard empathizes with those who would prefer to use tobacco. "I can definitely understand their point of view, too," says Sinyard.

Darton's move to a smoke free campus comes just before Georgia's statewide smoking ban goes into effect, forbidding smoking in most enclosed places of work and recreation.

Hays is glad Darton's ban includes the outdoors as well. "The fumes make me nauseous," says Garrett Hays, "some people may have little kids or may be pregnant and I don't think they want to have the smoke flown in their faces either."

For now, those caught using tobacco at Darton will receive a verbal warning that the campus is tobacco free. In the future, students who are repeat offenders of the tobacco free rule, will have to go to a judiciary.

Faculty will be disciplined through their supervisors. The state-wide smoking ban takes effect July 1st.


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