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A big step for three sisters

May 22, 2005

Mitchell County-- With the start of graduation's pomp and circumstance, three young women are at the beginning of the rest of their lives. "It's sad because I'm leaving all my friends but it's a start to a new beginning," says Calondra Haywood.

It's a new beginning for Calondra, Delondra and Lazondra Haywood. They may look and sound like the same person but they're much more. "We're the first triplets to graduate from Mitchell Baker High School," says Delondra Haywood. It's something that they're doing together.

"Oh, it feels great because we've been together ever since we've been born. We've been together for 18 years," says Lazondra Haywood. It's been eighteen years of same clothes, same likes and dislikes and even the usual completion each other's sentences. "Yes, sometimes," they say in unison.

Sunday they took a big step into the real world after four years of hard work. "Kind of hard, but it was fun all in all. I really enjoyed my 13 years," says Delondra and Calondra. After the hard work, it's a proud day for them and their mother.

"I feel overwhelmed with joy. These are my last ones and I graduated too," says their mother Joanne Haywood.

After graduation when others will be going their separate ways, the Haywood triplets will be sticking together. They'll be heading to Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia. All three will be majoring in Pre-Medicine.

"This is like history to me, this is history," says Lazondra.

They can't imagine being apart. "I think I'd cry almost everyday," says Delondra. So with hugs and kisses from friends, they say goodbye as they start three new lives, as one.

The Haywood triplets will attend Andrews College for two years before heading to Georgia Southwestern. In the future, they hope to open a medical practice together.

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