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PETA protests local fast food restaurant

May 21, 2005

Albany- Instead of trying to cross the road, one chicken was riding the Albany roadways in style with a message.

Representatives for PACK, Promoting attitudes alliances and action consistent with kindness, and PETA protested in front of the Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in Albany.

The handful of volunteers held protest signs asking customers not to eat at KFC until the company complies with the Animal Welfare Act while a chicken circled the block. They say, other fast food restaurant comply with the law and a lawsuit has been filed against KFC to bring them into compliance.

The group says they're not asking people to stop eating chicken, just to encourage the restaurant to comply with the law.

"Yeah, They're going to die, they're raised to be food for people. Let's just not let it be in such a cruel way, let's just do it in a more respectful way," said Kelly Merritt, PETA and PACK member.

A manager at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken said the restaurant had no comment on the protest. Police were called to ask the protesters to stop after their permit ran out.


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