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Parks at Chehaw prepare for new exhibits

May 21, 2005

Albany- Life might be a zoo for the animated characters of Madagascar, but zoo officials hope the film will generate interest in the real thing. The Parks at Chehaw held a scavenger hunt Saturday using characters in the movie to get kids excited.

"There's eight riddles on the card, each card relates to an exhibit, they go to the exhibit if they're correct they get it stamped," said Peter Evans, Special events coordinator, The Parks at Chehaw.

The zoo is partnering with Wynnsong Theaters to generate the interest.

"We found a lot of new animals in the scavenger hunt that we never saw before," said Tamara Barrett of Pavo.

"Lemurs, cheetahs, and all that. Oh, and bald eagles too," said Chance Sangster of Thomasville.

The bald eagles that kids noticed however, may soon have a new home.

"We have some money that was donated a number of years ago specifically for a bald eagle exhibit and the park authority decided to bring Jim in to help us work on this to generate some ideas," said Doug Porter, Executive Director, The Parks at Chehaw.

Jim Fowler will be back May 26th to talk about an area off the main plaza, near the zebras and amphitheater. The separate walkway would showcase birds of prey like the eagles, but allow people to see shows and demonstrations. The money's already in place, donated by Anheuser-Busch.

"We would bring in other birds, we have the bald eagles here at the park, that we would work with and that would kind of be the anchor for this area. There are a lot of injured birds of prey at rehabilitation centers that just need a home," said Porter.

The zoo is also busy finishing up the new flamingo exhibit which is expected to hold its grand opening around the Fourth of July.

"The flamingo's are in quarantine in New York. They came out of Africa last week and we ordered 20 flamingos. We don't know if we'll get all 20 at this point," said Porter.

With the new Rhinos finally settling in.

"It's just taken a long time for them to get acclimated to staying out on their exhibit and being locked out there and having to spend the whole day out," said Porter.

Things at the zoo seem to be falling in place. Unlike the movie which debuts next week, zoo officials believe the animals at Chehaw are happy where they are and won't be looking to escape any time soon.

The zoo will also have several animals out on display Friday at Wynnsong Theater for the premier of Madagascar hoping once again to generate interest in protecting the zoo's lemur exhibit.