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Albany gets new COMMS hub

May 20, 2005

Albany-- When emergencies like tornadoes and hurricanes affect multiple counties, communication between the emergency personnel in those counties is vital. That's why a new emergency communications hub is being added to the Emergency Operations Center in Albany.

The hub will allow personnel for 23 counties to talk to each other during emergency situations, which was not possible last year when South Georgia was racked by multiple hurricanes.

As hurricane season starts, the timing for the COMMS center is good. Grants from the Department of Home Land Security, GEMA, and the state are defraying the quarter-million dollar cost of the equipment.

A major portion of the cost will be for computer software so that various emergency authorities can communicate. There will also be a new Internet satellite link to the 911 center and to the National Weather Service for quicker warnings of severe weather.

Dougherty County Emergency Director Jim Vaught is in charge of day-to-day operations of the center.

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