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High-tech classroom gets students attention

May 19, 2005

Albany- The tools for teaching look different in Donna Gleaton's third grade class.

"As I teacher I compete with a Game Boy, a play station an Xbox," Gleaton said.

That's why she wanted to be the school's first high-tech classroom. With her big-screen board and a mouse-type pen, learning to calculate the area of shape is lot more fun.

"They all want the opportunity to get up and do that stuff on the board," she said. "You know, the clicking, the dragging the checking their answers."

"And you can't usually do that with a regular dry-erase board," said 9-year-old Emily Brunson.

The graphics and colors keep them on task.

"This, if she writes something on the board, she has to erase it," said 9-year-old Chapman Ivey. "So you have to pay attention more."

Because everybody's going to get called to the board.

"When I first did it, I thought I was going to do something wrong and mess it up," Brunson said.

It's hard to mess up something meant to be fun.

"It's like, oh man, I need this for a Game Boy. This could be like a play station or something," said Ivey.

But it's something to take their education to a high-tech level.

"I think it is definitely money well spent," Gleaton said.

Money well spent on a major investment, helping Gleaton teach students the tools they need for a bright future.

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