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Your very own putting green?

May 19, 2005

Lee County-- Golfers will tell you, it's the short game that can make or break a day on the links. The putting.

Now, an Albany business is offering golfers a chance to practice putting without leaving home, with the ultimate luxury for golfers-- a putting green in your own back yard.

An Albany landscaper decided to learn how to install these backyard greens after seeing their popularity explode in larger cities, like Atlanta. It already looks like his business will be a hole in one.

Andy Christo is an avid golfer, but admits to his weakness. "I'm about a six handicap. My putting is probably my worst part of my game," says Andy.

That's the main reason he's considering installing a putting green in his yard. He came to Todd Urick at Lawnscapes, a landscaping company that specializes in installing synthetic golf greens. "We can do a minimum of 12 by 12 all the way up to a regulation sized green," said Urick.

The green is made up a synthetic fiber, covered with a fine grit. "We do the surveying, get exact size, take the sod add. We add a four inch base, which is crushed stone."

The stone is compacted, and Urick brings back out the customer for a test game. "To make sure they like the contours. If they want any undulation, we can add them. Once they're satisfied with the ball roll and the speed, we actually lay the green on top of the crushed stone. "

"We can adjust it to tournament speed to your regular country club."

"What I like about it was it's realism to grass," says Christo, impressed.

"A customer who's been putting on it about four weeks now has dropped five strokes off," said Toss Urick.

You can even do chip shots, if you're better than I am. A 16 by 28 foot green would cost about $4,700, so it's no small investment. The green comes with a ten year warranty, and requires little maintenance, just a leaf blower every now and then to get the pine straw and leaves off.


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