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Utility bills going up, some ways to keep your cool

Albany- Georgia Power just raised its rates and starting June first Albany's Water, Gas, and Light customers will see a rate change. WG&L is increasing summer rates by seven percent. There are some things you can do to save energy and money.

Kate Simmons owns a 14 hundred square foot home on North Davis and knows a thing or two about conserving energy.

"When I leave for the day, every morning I turn it up to about 76, 78 degrees. When I come home I got a few hours cook dinner go to sleep, I turn it down to about 72," said Simmons.

She says, there are some simple things that she does to keep her bills from heating her up and burning a hole in her wallet.

"I just pull my drapes, so the sun won't beat in, I close my blinds," said Simmons.

Kate tries to keep the lights off and uses light bulbs that create less heat.

"The overhead light bulbs in the kitchen you use, I have the light on all the time, so I do have that on a florescent," said Kate.

Kate also has newer windows. "The windows are only two years old so, they don't let air in and out," said Simmons.

Officials at Water Gas and Light say, all of these tips are good ways to conserve and as summer heats up you should save some chores for off hours, like washing clothes before eight a.m. or after eight p.m. Something as simple as landscaping can help.

"Put deciduous trees up on east and west sides of your home so in the winter the leaves fall off and your getting the heat of the sun in the winter and in the summer their leafy and green and their adding shade to your home," said Lorie Farkas, WG&L Assistant General Manager.

Just these few simple things are keeping Kate cool when she gets her bill.

"My average utility bill is about 150 dollars and that's my water gas and light bill, so that's my total bill not just electricity," said Simmons.

Water Gas and Light says customers can save about 20 to 40 percent on their bills by using some of these simple ideas. They say rates will drop again October first, but when it averages out at the end of the years customers will find they spent about the same that they did last year.

Water Gas and Light also offers free home energy assessments to help you cut down your utility bill. Just call WG&L to set up an appointment at 883-8330 ext.232.

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