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Albany city employees fighting proposed leave policy changes

May 18, 2005

Albany - Some City of Albany employees are getting fired up about proposed changes to their sick leave and vacation policy. Now, city employees can save unused leave time for years and get paid out when they retired. But, that would change under the proposed policy.

The city is considering doing away with sick and vacation time and instead giving all employees 20 personal days a year, to use for whatever reason. The time you don't use by the end of the year, you lose. The days employees have already accrued up until the policy change would be frozen, and employees would still be paid out for those days if they retired from the city.

"Certainly we do need to make some changes.," said Human Resources Director Mary Hines. "We don't want to continue to have those large pay outs, but we don't want them to lose anything they've accrued to this date either. I think that a lot of them don't understand that they will not lose anything that they have on the records to this date."

The proposed changes come after the city was forced to give the former city attorney, city manager, and city clerk huge checks when they left. The city human resources leaders are planning to talk with different departments to explain how the new leave time policy will work. City commissioners must agree to the changes.

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