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Water restrictions are still in force

May 18, 2005

Albany-- May has been fairly hot and dry so far. So to keep yards and gardens looking good, people are turning on those sprinklers. But remember, Dougherty County is still under watering restrictions.

Homeowners can only water on certain days of the week. "We get out everyday and look at what's going on," said James Diemer. "Pick and weed or two, I love to pick weeds," added Elsie Diemer.

The Diemers are proof that water restrictions don't restrict you from having a healthy, green yard. "Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday - they are our days."

Albany follows the state's water rules. If you live at an even number address you can water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Odd number addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. And, no one can water on Friday.

"It's no problem, but it's frustrating when we go around and see watering when they're not supposed to," James said.

"Everybody has a calendar and knows what their address is. They should pay attention to regulations like that, you know."

Since you must follow the restrictions or face a possible fine, here are some tips to get the most out of the water you can use.

  • Water in the evenings, so the sun doesn't evaporate the water before it's soaked in.

  • And, make sure your sprinklers heads are pointed towards what you want to water. "We try to keep it off the pavement and on something green if possible."

There's a lot of green in the Diemers yard, because they know practicing water conservation doesn't wilt their plans for a beautiful garden.

Most counties follow the state recommended water restrictions, every other day, but you should check with your water provider to find out exactly what the rules are where you live.

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