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Suspended coach demands answers

May 17, 2005

Albany- There's no doubt youth baseball coach Freddie Chamberlain is unhappy about being suspended, but he says he doesn't understand the reason.

"I would like for the mayor or somebody from this commission to tell me what was I suspended for," he says. Nobody invited me to this board to say well Freddie you did this and you did that."

Chamberlain is one of two men commissioners suspect misused city money that was supposed to be used to pay umpires. Chamberlain says he never did anything wrong.

"I've never taken anything from a single person in this city," he says.

"I think its only fair that if a citizen of the city of Albany has been suspended from participation in city activities that person deserves to have his or her day before this body," says commissioner Henry Mathis.

Mathis agrees that Chamberlain's questions should be addressed, and says it's time the commission put an end to the situation.

"If he's violated city policies or the law then he will be punished for that. If we've made a mistake or the city has inappropriately suspend Mr. Chamberlain he should be fully reinstated," says Mathis.

Though other commissioners weren't as sympathetic to Chamberlain's demands, assistant city manager Kevin Hogencamp says he will step in and try to help resolve the issue.

"He's under suspension. It seems reasonable to me that we ought to be able to tell Mr. Chamberlain exactly what the terms of his suspension is and how he can get off suspension, so I'm going to look into it and fairly and objectively come to a conclusion," says Hogencamp.

It's a conclusion that will become a recommendation to the board, but Hogencamp says the commission will have the final say-so about whether Chamberlain will ever be able to return to the field.

Commissioners are still investigating the allegations against Chamberlain. No criminal charges have been filed against him.


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