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Peach farmers thankful for plentiful crop

May 17, 2005

Brooks County - From the fields, to the market, to your favorite homemade recipes, this year's peach crop seems to be the sweetest in years. "They're real good, quality of the peach is very good," said Peach Farmer Irvin Lawson.

It's harvest time for peach farmer Irvin Lawson, and he couldn't be more pleased with this year's crop. "We've got real good color this year, adequate moisture, we've got good weather to harvest them in, everything up to this point is looking real good," said Lawson.

Lawson expects to make about 75 percent of a crop with this harvest, which is better than its been in 3 years. That's because we got plenty of cold weather this winter, followed by a spring with lots of rain. "We reached over 900 chill hours and if we get 850, that makes everything for us," said Lawson.

A warm front that came through in February caused a little scare. "But a few weeks later it turned cold and we got some good quality chill hours," said Lawson.

And the peaches turned out just the way Lawson likes them. "Of course the customer loves a red, big peach, love for it to have a real peachy, sweet taste," said Lawson.

Now his fruits will ship out to markets all over the country. "Yesterday we sent some to Houston Texas and Chicago, a lot of them go to Florida, and a lot of them go the northeast markets," said Lawson.

But there's still plenty left back at his peach shed in Morven for South Georgians to enjoy.


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