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City happily accepts WG&L boost

by Dave Miller

May 17, 2005

Albany- The Albany City Commission voted Tuesday to approve a plan that would add about $750,000 to its general fund.

Albany Water, gas, and Light typically gives the city 7.5% of its normal metered billing per year as a boost to city operating expenses. The difference now is that WG&L will give 7.5% of its total, gross take, including late fees, penalties, and all power sales.

This will bump the amount they give back to the city by an estimated three-quarters of a million dollars.

WG&L normally pays the city about $6.5 million a year, but the city's power bill runs almost half of that amount, so the net is much less. The new net payment from WG&L to the city will be an estimated $4 million per year.


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