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Stations selling gas for under $2 a gallon

Tifton-The Racetrack on Highway 82 has been booming with customers taking advantage of their $1.89 a gallon price for regular unleaded.

They're one of about four stations in Tifton with gas under $1.90, but not everyone has followed their lead. Just across the street the price is six cents higher.

They aren't sure how long the price will stay that low. Clerks say drivers from Albany and Sylvester are even making a special trip to cash in on a deal.

"Usually it's $28, so I know it's going to be like $23 because my gas light is on and gas is $1.89. I was filling up at $2.07 just the other day, so $1.89, I'm sure to get a deal," says motorist Ramanda Aikens.

Racetrack employees say their prices are usually a few cents cheaper than their competitors, but they're controlled by the corporate office.


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