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Officers who died in the line of duty honored

Albany -- Law enforcement officers from Dougherty County killed in the line of duty were remembered Monday morning, in the Annual Albany Dougherty County Police Memorial Service.

 Seven Albany and Dougherty County Police Officers were honored in the annual Albany Dougherty County Police Memorial Service.

Susan Juneau and her three sons were there for the first time, honoring Chief Ross Juneau. The 53 year old Juneau was the Chief of Safety at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport. May 2, 2003 Juneau died of a heart attack after chasing down a shoplifter at the Albany Mall.

This was the first year his widow and sons saw him memorialized in his hometown. Widow Susan Juneau said "I really do appreciate this .I think he would have enjoyed it, and he would be proud."

Susan Juneau says because of the help she received after her husbands death, she will soon begin assistance service for other officer's widows. Susan Juneau said "I had people who helped me, and that's what I eventually have made my goal, helping others."

Another name on the Albany memorial honor roll for the first time, former Albany Police Chief Robert Wallis. January 24th, 1928 Wallis was shot and killed by a disgruntled former Officer in the Police Station.

His death had been forgotten, until uncovered this year. Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police said "The Museum Committee, building the Museum for our new building, were discussing the Officers killed in the line of duty, and his name came up. There was some research done through the local paper, and were able to locate the headlines of when it happened."

Now Chief Wallis will be remembered each year, along with the six other Albany or Dougherty County officers killed in the line of duty.


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