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Kids enjoying reopening of fountain

Albany-- For a long period of time, many were asking the question, "Where's the water?"

"Because the fountain is so wet, we get so wet," says five year old Jai Guyton. With the hot weather upon us, the thought of no fountain in Riverfront Park had kids waiting in anticipation and anxious for the days of shooting water.

"The funnest part is when it comes up," says Jai. Now, the fountain is back at full blast, an early surprise for summer. "Because the water shoots out and you don't know, it could be unexpected, like if you're in the water and then it may go high or low," says nine year old Tamia Mills.

The fountain wasn't expected to open until later this month after certain safety guidelines were met including an emergency phone on the premises and portable restrooms. Those are two state safety standards for zero-depth pools. "It was an unexpected surprise. We didn't know it was going to be on today. We just came down to take a walk along the river," says Carolee Guyton.

But kids found the water and so much more. "I'm playing with friends and trying to make friends," says nine year old Hannah Nichols. "I like it because it keeps them away from us and we can enjoy ourselves," says her mother Michelle Nichols.

The kids now have the water to themselves. "I like the water and being down by the river, that was fun," says Kaci Guyton.

 It's fun at least for the summer months but when winter rolls around again, Jai Guyton says,"It's so fun to get wet, that I want to chase it."

Public health allowed the fountain to be reopened for the summer as long as those portable restrooms were in place and passed public health tests and that a permanent restroom would be built this winter. The permanent restroom should be completed by November. The fountain is open from 9:30 am until thirty minutes after sundown.



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