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Postal workers collect non-perishables

Albany- Postal carrier Joe Lawrence has been delivering mail for about twenty years. He calls the job demanding but not too difficult.

"No, no I wouldn't say so. Depends on what kind of route you're on I suppose," says Lawrence. He's been on the same route for about eleven years, delivering and picking up mail from box to box. "I've enjoyed working for the post office and it's been to good to me," says Lawrence.

So he's working a little harder today to pass some of that good fortune on to others. Besides the usual envelopes, he's picking up a little extra. "We put out some cornbread mix, some dried peas and beans, and green beans and some different stuff we had in the house," says Albany resident Robert Latham.

Latham leaves his bags of non-perishable food items hanging from his mailbox every year. The items will benefit the hungry. "Even in this land of plenty, there's people that dont have much," says Latham.

The donations help the National Association of Letter Carriers' Food Drive. It's the thirteenth year that postal workers have sacrificed a day of extra hard work for a good cause. "It feels good. It's one day a year I feel like we can give back," says Lawrence.

Each year has been a success. Last year he worked into the night separating donations and he doesn't see this year being any different. Lawrence says, "I'll be loaded down usually. By the time I get back in, I will be loaded down."

His truck will be full of much needed items to alleviate hunger throughout the United States. Here in Albany, those donations come from those that make the job most rewarding, the customers.

"I've seen these kids six years old and now they've got families of their own. So you become part of the neighborhood," says Lawrence. It's a neighborhood that with the help of postal workers are helping to stamp out the hunger.

Items collected will be split up and then distributed to various food banks throughout South Georgia. Over 30 million people suffer from hunger in the United States alone.



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