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General says base relieved and happy

Dougherty County -- MCLB Albany is one of three Marine Corps Logistics Bases. None of the three is slated for closure and Brigadier General Eugene Payne says it's a big relief.

Brigadier General Eugene Payne was all smiles as he greeted Albany community leaders. General Payne said "I'm not sure which is the greater emotion at this point,relief or happiness."

Celebrating that the Marine Base is not on the BRAC closure list, General Payne said what the future holds is still not clear. "Quite frankly, We are still absorb all the ramifications of the information that was released this morning. I think it is going to take us some time to do that, quite frankly."

Albany's Marine Base refurbishes military equipment used in Iraq, and builds armor for the Humvee's that has become so vital for the troops in the Middle East that growth has been constant. "We have added quite a few jobs in the past year here in Albany, based on the workload demand principally caused by the war. And we are continuing to add jobs."

General Payne said he thought the base employees were the reason Albany MCLB will grow. General Payne said "For their outstanding work in supporting the war fighter. Thank you for what you do each and everyday."

 General Payne said the three Logistics bases in Albany, Barstow, California, and Blount Island are used to conforming to meet the Marine's fighters demand.  And they will continue to do so as the Department of Defense transforms.

General Payne said, while they'll celebrate today, nothing in the BRAC process is final until the President and Congress approves the BRAC recommendations in the fall.


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