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Car rally coming to Cairo

Cairo- Prepare to start your engines and head to Cairo this weekend for the "Great Southern Antique Car Rally."

     Grady County was inspired to start the event after a national race passed through town. That's also how Cairo became "Georgia's Hospitality City."

     When antique car collector Wayne Hadden steps into his garage, he steps into days gone by. And he steps back to his youth, and the fourth of July car shows he used to attend back in Florida. "That's really where it all started. It was watching those people bringing those antique cars in, and having the competition with the antique cars," says Hadden.

     Hadden is just one of the dozens of people who'll be in Cairo's "Great Southern Antique Car Rally" this weekend. "It's a spin-off from when the great race came through," he says. And when those antique cars came through town in 1987, they braked for a pit stop. The drivers were so smitten with Cairo, the city got the name it's known by today. "Our city motto at the time was city on the move. After the great race, we changed it to Georgia's Hospitality City," says Hadden.

     For enthusiasts like Hadden, car collecting isn't just a hobby. It's a way to preserve one of America's cornerstones: automotive history. "This is preserving our past, making sure that it's here for future generations," says Hadden.

     From the first generations, to the famous generations, like the '56 Cadillac from "Driving Miss Daisy," Hadden has a little of every generation. "All the shots where you actually saw the car going down the highway, this car," says Hadden.

     Hadden also has an invitation for everyone to hop in their cars, and experience Cairo's namesake this weekend. "It's fellowship, it's camaraderie," he says. It's also a history lesson with dozens of activities thrown in for fun.

     There are events all weekend for the rally. But Hadden says the best time to see the cars on display will be Saturday at Davis park from noon until 2:30.


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