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Leaving for military work family tradition

Fort Stewart- The Ingle's family is having to say too many goodbyes.

Three of the four Ingle brothers are leaving this weekend for the Middle East. Raymond Ingle left this morning after saying goodbye to his wife and three kids.

"I'm proud that he's chosen to do this for our country but as a wife separated from her husband it's hard," said Patty Ingle.

His brother's Robert and Ronald will say goodbye tomorrow, leaving their father to look after their children and wives.

"Got all the wives and grandchildren there that I'm going to be having to shepherd in the absence of their fathers," Bob Ingle said. "It's going to be a very difficult situation."

For those leaving, they say it makes it a little easier to say goodbye knowing their families have someone to lean on.

"It takes a little bit of the burden off of me knowing that they're going to be looking out for each other my family and my kids have someone to turn to," Ingle said.

It also adds extra worry knowing that you have two other family member in a combat situation.

"It's a little reassuring but at the same time it's kinda worried me because you kind of have to look after your brothers so that's a little extra burden to bear," he said.

While Ronald, Raymond, and Robert will be missed, they're father says he's proud to see his sons carry on the family's military heritage.

"All four of my sons have chosen to be very patriotic and go the military route. They're very happy and satisfied doing what they're doing."

The Ingle family has a long history in the military. Their grandfather served in World War II and their father served in Vietnam. They sons say they're proud to be able to serve in Iraq.

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