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10 Country: Deane's History Shot

Pelham-- Most people would live dull lives if they didn't have memories, and something to trigger those special feelings. But as people age, remembering those good times can suffer unless you have a way to instantly refresh your mind, and a Pelham lady has.

You've got to hand it to people who keep mentally fit, even when they don't have the luck of the draw. "Terrible," says Deanne Guice, looking at a handful of cards.

A nickel in the pot makes it more interesting, regardless of who wins or loses the weekly game. "They whooped me," says Guice, as one of her friends wins one of many games they will play.

Deane didn't win that hand, but don't count her out. Her card-playing buddies can't beat her when it comes to collecting shot glasses, believe it or not. "We quit counting at 500," says Guice, standing in front of display shelf that could easily hold 100.

Each one gets hands washed once a year. All those glasses sitting almost everywhere in her den quickly show their distinctiveness. "Until you get into this, you don't realize all the designs and colors they do use" says Guice.

Some hand painted. "Yes it is," says the collector as she holds one painted with flowers. Her most unusual one came from Alaska. "The fish on it, the outside of the glass," says Guice proudly.

Another one has rubies and diamonds. "I think this is the prettiest glass I have," pointing to the shot glass when bunches of grapes placed around its sides. And, one with a sense of humor. It looks like a hillbilly trying to reach all the way the glass.

One shot glass reminds her of a historical event. "This is the Twin Towers and the New York skyline," says Guice. That was before terrorists shot our feeling of security.

She started her collection 52 years ago. "Mushroomed into something I thoroughly enjoy," says Guice who often takes them from a shelf, looks at each one and remembers its special story. How can you enjoy a shot glass, besides the obvious of using it to make your favorite drink? "It's a collection that says I have a lot of friends and a family who cares about me and my interests," says Guice.

Friends and family know of her love and bring her shot glasses, regardless of where they travel. "For the most part I can tell you where they came from," says Guice, and remember she quit counting them at 500. Not feeling content, Deanne Guice decided to have a collection inside her collection.

"Exclusively for states," says Guice, standing by a display shelf with glasses obviously missing. She wants shot glasses from all 50 states, and needs 27 more to finish the collection.

Then, what will she do? "I don't know but I will think of something," says Guice. Regardless of what she comes up with, she will give it a good shot.

Deanne Guice has one regret. She wishes she kept a list of who gave her every shot glass and the date so she wouldn't have to rely solely on her memory for the past 52 years.

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