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When dogs attack

Albany- The dog attack of Ramiro Valdez points out the facts that many dog owners do not obey local animal ordinances, allowing their dogs to roam free.

So what should you do in the event of an animal attack?

Tamara Piercey, an officer with animal control, gave us a list of some do's and dont's. "Don't run and scream," she said. "Instead, stand still. It may seem hard, but animals are less likely to attack if you appear non-threatening."

Some other tips she shared include not aggravating the pet by taking their toys or food. One way for owners to prevent their pets from becoming aggressive means that they will need to allow them to socialize, and not tie them to a fence for long periods, because it can make them more aggressive.

Donna Strickland from the Albany Humane Society houses the dogs brought in by animal control, and has seen her share of abused and mistreated animals as well. In the last seven days she has received 59 dogs, six of which were abused.

Owners who abuse animals can risk fines, probation, community service and even jail time, so animal control and the humane society ask that people report such behavior to local authorities.

Whether you've been attacked by a dog, or know of a dog being abused, please contact animal control and report it.

You can also visit the Albany Humane Society website at www.hsus.org for more information on how to cope and prevent animal attacks.

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