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Rock fans outraged over format change

Albany- When many Real Rock fans turned the dail Tuesday, it wasn't music to their ears and the groups they enjoyed for two years were magically gone.

"It was pretty much a big change, like it came out of nowhere. I listen to it every day and I switched to it and it's gone. I was a little upset about it," said Garrett Sifford, a fan.

"I think they were unique, I think they were different than others, they played more of the grunge rock, more 90's rock I think they were unique and I'm going to miss it," said Lisha Parrish, a fan.

The station has received more than 550 emails and hundreds of calls from angry fans.

"When I finally heard the radio station I couldn't listen to it. It's adult contemporary, it's something that my parents would listen to," said Shawn Davenport, a fan.

"There's no question the radio station had very passoniate fans, we were aware of that. We wouldn't have been in the format for two years." said John Richards, General Manager Clear Channel, Albany.

Fan support wasn't enough.

"We felt that we needed more listeners then we were able to get with the new rock format," said Richards.

Even though other stations offer an adult contemporary format, managers expect the new station to attract a broader audience and more advertisers. Just a day old, the station's already gaining some fans.

"I think it's going to overload the other ones I really do. I think it's going to take them over and maybe we'll get another alternative rock somewhere down the line, but I enjoy the new station," said Rachel Griffith, Albany.

The new popular format will leave Real Rock fans with few alternatives, classic rock or many say they will turn to their cd collections.

Starting Monday morning, Magic 97 fans will hear a familiar voice. Jasmine Phoenix will return to the Albany airwaves as the morning show host. The station eventually expects to add local personalities in the afternoon.



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