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Boy recovers from attack

Colquitt County - If there's one word to describe seven year old Ramiro Valdez, it's resilient. When attacked by four dogs, he didn't even cry, rather, he walked home, and told his mom he would be okay. Turns out, he was right.

Ramiro Valdez is much like any other seven year old. He enjoys playing with toys, and watching cartoons, and he just learned how to ride the bike, but one ride almost turned deadly. "When I was riding my bike, um, I was rolling the pedals and one of the dogs came and bit me on the foot," says Ramiro.

When the one dog began attacking, the rest of them did. He says, "One dog bit me on the leg and it was kind of open. (Your leg was open?) Uh huh."

As a matter of fact, part of the muscle in Ramiro's leg is missing, but Ramiro still managed to walk home, sometimes crawling, hiding from the dogs in hope they wouldn't attack again.

His mother Ana, found him in the yard. She says, "The mother's supposed to be there for them, protect them, to help him. It's just killing me."

And she was afraid the dogs, two labs, a bulldog mix and Doberman had killed Ramiro. She says, "I thought he's never going to wake up from anesthesia. That's the only thought that was going through my mind."

But Ramiro is a fighter. He says, "I'm okay." Though he does have a long way to go, before he's fully recovered.

Ana says, "He fought to stay alive I want the doctor's to be able to assist him now so he can get better."

The two labs and bulldog mix that attacked Ramiro have been euthanized, none had proper rabies shots. The Tifton-Tift County animal shelter is waiting on a court order to euthanize the Doberman.

A fund has been set up in Ramiro's name at South Georgia Banking Company in Omega to help pay for medical bills.

You can mail donations to:
South Georgia Banking Company
P. O. Box 128
Omega, GA 31775.

Donations must be clearly marked for the Ramiro Valdez, Jr. Medical Fund.


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