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Dark car windows may draw a fine

Albany -- In three weeks limits will be back on how dark your car windows can be. Georgia's re-written law about car window tinting goes into effect June First. A number of people are having to scramble to make sure their car window's don't get them a ticket.

Window tinting that's too dark under Georgia's pending law is being removed from a number of Southwest Georgia cars. Ron Hayes of Automotive Necessities said "We're starting to see a lot more jobs as far as stripping the windows, getting them legal."

Starting June First, cars windows will have a shade limit of thirty-two, and Georgia State Patrol troopers will be strictly enforcing the new limit. Trooper Scott McClure said "The month of May we are out doing courtesy warnings. We see dark tinted windows, we will stop the individuals. Let them know starting June First we are going to start ticketing."

Troopers carry a window tinting measurement gauge. Trooper McClure said "What we do is ask you to roll your windows down a little bit. Driver side, passenger side, we can use it on the back window. We place it on there and it gives us a precise reading of how dark your window tint is."

Troopers say a lot of drivers are asking questions about the new law. The GSP says dark car windows are dangerous. Trooper McClure said "Daytime or nighttime, with dark tinted windows, it does limit your visibility."

And that means a lot of work for window tinters all across the state.

Cars from out of state driving through Georgia will have to meet the window tinting guidelines. But Troopers say they will take into account motorists just passing through the state, when deciding to ticket or to warn about Georgia's new law.

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