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Student suspended for T-shirt

Tifton- Eighteen year old Hannah Smith was suspended last week for wearing a T-shirt with the words "Freedom of expression" on the front and "Don't drink and drive" on the back.

She wore the shirt in protest after several friends were forced to remove shirts with anarchy symbols. Hannah admits she later added the alcohol message as a jab at principal Mike Duck who was charged with DUI several years ago.

"I want other people to think about that and realize that just because you're in school doesn't mean you don't have any rights. If you don't believe in something you are allowed to stand up for yourself and they shouldn't punish you for it," says Hannah.

"If it was disrespectful I wouldn't like it. I want her to respect her teachers. I want her to respect their principal. I want to obey the rules, but at the same time I don't want them walking all over her," says her mother Traci Fletcher.

Duck wouldn't comment on why Smith was suspended, but school policy allows administrators to ban clothing that's disruptive. Smith wore the same shirt Monday and was not sent home. Her mother says Duck told her it wasn't causing a disruption Monday.

They plan to bring the issue before the school board at their next meeting Tuesday night.


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