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Saving history or wasting money?

Albany - Is a 100 year-old mule barn worth saving? Dougherty County leaders are paying nearly $50,000 to answer that question. Monday, county commissioners hired an engineering firm to perform a structural study of the Holeman Mule Barn on Broad Avenue.

The engineers will determine how much it would cost to renovate the barn. County planners say the structure is in such bad shape removing part of the roof or a wall may cause the whole building to fall in. And, it could cost more than $1,000,000 to renovate.

"We hoping for some good sound advice and good solid direction of what to do with this structure," said Interim Planning and Zoning Director Tracy Hester. "Because of the downtown redevelopment process, there's been a lot of interest in that particular site, so we just want to make sure it's safe for the public to use."

The engineers will look into the feasibility of saving the facade of the building and reassembling it at another location.


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