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Base closure list is set for release this week

Albany - News about the closure of military bases across the country could be released tonight and almost surely by Thursday. Sunday, the President received the recommended list of base closures and realignments from the Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon will publicly release the list sometime this week. Now, it's a waiting game for the Albany Marine Base.

"Depending on how the President wants to notify the different bases and Congressmen and Senators will determine when we will receive word on the bases that will close, be realigned, or left alone," said Jeff Sinyard.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says he expects to hear the fate of MCLB from either our congressional leaders, representatives from the BRAC Commission, or the Georgia Military Affairs Committee.

"We can literally move forward with communication within four hours," said Sinyard. Within four hours, the Southwest Georgia Alliance of Progress will hold a news conference to notify the public. "We are participating in some drills now to get us ready to talk about either Plan 'A' or Plan 'B'."

The Alliance has teams ready to research why MCLB is on the closure list, if that's the case, and what we need to do to get off the list.

"If we're on that closure list, there's only about a 15% chance of getting off," said Sinyard. "So we have to be sure that we're prepared to be that one base in the country that's part of that 15%."

The Alliance is calling on the community to help. Students at Dougherty County Schools are already making signs to welcome the BRAC Commissioner, who will visit the base this summer if MCLB is on the list.

"People need help these days. If we have it, we should give it," said Albany High School student Franshwa Riggins. If the base is safe and off the list, the signs will decorate the celebration party.

The Alliance is ready to go forward, no matter what the outcome. Community leaders are anxiously awaiting marching orders.


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