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Mother's Day means more for deploying son

Albany- It was one last home cooked meal, one last chance to play with his son.

"It seems like you're trying to cram everything into one single day, and trying to get everything done, and trying to grab hold to all of the love and pass all of the love this one last day home," said Staff Sergeant Ernest Thompson.

It was also time to say good bye to his mother.

"It's always hard to say good bye to momma, It's hard," said Thompson.

Staff Sergeant Ernest Thompson is a squad leader with the 121st infantry mechanized division of the 48th Brigade, leaving for their deployment to Iraq.

"There's a job that has to be done and I got to go do it," said Thompson.

This mother's day, his mother wishes it wasn't her son.

"I have four kids and I'm very proud of all of my kids and I'm especially proud of him. This is his third trip over there and I begged him not to go," said Kate Mims, Thompson's mother.

Thompson who works for the Albany Police department, has been deployed for the Gulf War, Bosnia, and will now serve in Iraq.

"I help my home town and now I get to help my entire country and I get to help out another country," said Thompson.

"This is what he wants, he wants this so the only thing you can do is just pray for him," said Mims.

So, as hard as it is to let him go, his mother says she'll send him off with prayers for a safe return.

"I'm not packed yet I'm in denial. I'm in denial. I'm going to leave the packing up to my sister," said Thompson.

His sister Doris said she had plans to pack some of that home cooking in his bag, along with their love. Thompson's company leaves Monday and will fly to Iraq May 15 to serve a one year deployment.


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